Colchis Capital Management, L.P. is a boutique alternative investment management firm headquartered in San Francisco.  The firm was founded by Robert and Edward Conrads in 2005 and is currently dedicated to the emerging direct lending sector on a global basis.  Colchis leverages a deep credit expertise, proprietary technology and financial structuring experience to invest in various credit products originated by direct lending platforms.  

The Colchis P2P Income Fund is an alternative fixed income fund, investing in direct consumer loan securities originated by Internet lending exchanges LendingClub, Prosper, and Marlette. The assets underlying these securities are individual unsecured consumer loans. Online consumer loan platforms have radically transformed the way consumer lending operates, and by bringing the rates charged to borrowers closer in line with the true cost of these loans, these platforms have facilitated financial freedom for consumers. These products can offer creditworthy borrowers an attractive source of credit, which is often used to consolidate existing credit card debt. The borrower will pay a higher monthly payment in exchange for paying significantly less in total interest.

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Investing in direct consumer loan securities

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