Living Goods operates Avon-like networks of door-to-door Health Promoters who make a modest income selling essential health products at prices affordable to the poor. The model combines the latest and best practices from the fields of micro finance and public health to create a truly sustainable system for improving access to basic health products and defeating the diseases of poverty.

A Sustainable System
for Defeating the Diseases
of Poverty

Living Goods is also a vital force of economic development, improving livelihoods by providing rural women a reliable source of income as Health Promoters, by keeping wage earners healthy and productive, and by averting costly medical treatments through prevention.

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Better health. Better incomes. Better lives.

Meyer Family Portfolio: Living Goods

“A lot of programs give lip service to 'sustainability' - this is the real deal. Living Goods is one of few models with the potential for game-changing scale.”
— Holly Wise
Former Secretariat Director of USAID’s Global Development Alliance