Renewal2 provides an opportunity for investors to participate in the development of business at the forefront of social and environmental innovation.

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Alter Eco - San Francisco

Alter Eco (San Francisco, CA)
Alter Eco imports and wholesales Fair Trade, USDA Organic & Carbon Neutral food products such as quinoa, rice and chocolate.

Aquatic Informatics - Vancouver, BC

Aquatic Informatics (Vancouver, BC)
Aquatic Informatics develops water and climate data software for collection and analysis of large volumes of environmental data.

Better Energy Systems (Oakland, CA)

Better Energy Systems (Oakland, CA)
Better Energy Systems develops portable, clean energy products, under the Solio brand, for work, play and economic development.

Elevation Brands

Elevation Brands (Framingham, MA)
Elevation Brands develops, manufactures and markets mission-driven brands to improve the lives of families and the environment including Blue Horizon Seafood and Ian's Natural Foods.

Miovision Miovision (Kitchner, Ontario)
Miovision develops intelligent technology solutions to address the challenges facing today's global transportation network and to minimize the environmental impacts of inefficient transportation flow.
Rustic Crust

Rustic Crust (Pittsfield, NH)
Rustic Crust manufactures and wholesales all-natural and organic artisan quality frozen pizzas and shelf-stable pizza crusts under the American Flatbread and Rustic Crusts brands.

Sensible Organics

Sensible Organics (Beaver Falls, PA)
Sensible Organics creates pure organic USDA certified personal care products, free from toxins or chemicals that are healthier for our bodies and the planet.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation (Burlington, VT)
Seventh Generation produces and wholesales their leading consumer brand of recycled, non-toxic and eco-friendly household goods and cleaning supplies.

Spud Spud (Vancouver, BC)
Spud is North America's largest internet grocer of organic and natural foods.

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