The World Business Academy is a non-profit business think tank devoted to rekindling the human spirit in business. It was founded in 1987 as a result of discussions conducted at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International in Menlo Park, California. These talks centered upon the role and responsibility of business in relation to the critical moral, environmental and social dilemmas of the day. Led by Founder Rinaldo S. Brutoco, a small group of senior business executives and academics emerged from these meetings to create a research and education institution, the World Business Academy, to help the global business community understand and participate in the new constructive role emerging for business as the dominant institution in society.

The Academy delivers self-learning and educational resources to its sponsors and members, and conducts world research projects and forums in the areas of busi­ness consciousness, corporate responsibility, global reconstruction, human potential, and innovative and values-driven leadership. The Academy has extensive archives of published materials on the “new business paradigm” and innovative business practices. It maintains an extensive electronic publications program that regularly distributes timely information under titles that include EconForecast, Currents in Commerce, and Common ¢ents.

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